Kindergarten Teachers Scores

by JAC and Ben's Mom 16. October 2014 09:59
Like all young mothers I worried about my children hitting developmental milestones on time. They almost never did, before or after, but rarely on the mark. They both had speech delays due to hearing difficulties. They received early intervention services through our local school district. I tried n... [More]

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by JAC and Ben's Mom 2. September 2014 05:06
Perseverance This is a word I keep hearing pop up from educators and I am starting to take a bit of offence to it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for some studying and extra help. But Perseverance? We hear it at Church. God tells the faithful to persevere through their trials and hardships and ... [More]


Refuse, refuse, REFUSE!

by JAC and Ben's Mom 7. August 2014 16:34
Do 5 board members and the new Superintendent know better than hundreds of parents, students and staff? This is not a board that represents the community or even listens to the staff it employs. They certainly are not interested in what parents think, they make that clear at every School Board meeti... [More]



by JAC and Ben's Mom 29. May 2014 05:36
Huh. I haven't checked my blog in a good 6 months. Honestly, it never occurred to me that anyone finds it or reads it. Imagine my shock that anyone would comment. Really, I have no idea about how the blogengine works. My husband set it up, linked it to out home page to give me someplace besides face... [More]


Refuse to test

by JAC and Ben's Mom 4. December 2013 07:27
The poor implementation of the expensive, not tested, not piloted, not written by educators, not age appropriate, full of errors curriculum called the Common Core and it's testing that does not show what teacher's taught or what your child knows that is costly and ridiculously tied to teacher and sc... [More]



by JAC and Ben's Mom 27. November 2013 08:08
This past month has been full of new events. All probably small but events that nonetheless show the forward progress of my small family. My sensory challenged kid is at last brushing his teeth. It is very big deal. After more than 11 years of buying every brand and style of tooth brush there is out... [More]


Dear Mr. Wagner and Mr. Bloomberg

by JAC and Ben's Mom 26. November 2013 12:26 Says Ken Wagner, the New York State deputy education commissioner who is supervising the rollout of the Common Core. “But we’d also caution parents that if they remove their child from the assessment program, there’s an impact. ... [More]


The question about data collection and data sharing

by JAC and Ben's Mom 21. November 2013 07:51 ASSEMBLY STANDING COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING SUBJECT: Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Student Information by School Districts and the State Education Department. It was great to see the ... [More]


Dear Mr. Duncan

by JAC and Ben's Mom 17. November 2013 09:27
Link to The Washington Post First you bully the Superintendents, Principles and teachers. Now you are taking on the Mommies. Bad idea, Mr. Duncan. You are a clueless. Seriously. My children are plenty smart and they do not need your developmentally inappropriate, untested curriculum. Our teachers a... [More]


What is going on with NYSED?

by JAC and Ben's Mom 17. November 2013 09:24
I keep trying to understand what is going on in NY State with education. Particularly how Commissioner John King and Chancellor Meryl Tisch and other members of the Board of Regents who have accompanied King to the Forums on education say they hear us but they really don’t. How can they listen... [More]



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