Dismantling Public Ed, How will YOU Participate?

by JAC and Ben's Mom 6. February 2015 09:00
First came the attack on students with abusive high stake tests and developmentally inappropriate curriculum, then came the attack on teachers and Cuomo's proposal to use 50% of the test scores to rate teachers and bring flyby outsiders to observe them causing a test centered learning environment and then the promise of the denial of funding resulting in the cutting of staff, programs and the lack of materials. Next up power will be the BOE. Who needs them anyway? Half the time they do what they want and do not listen to the community any way. As FED and SED strip away local control over Special Education and School Boards and Administration......will you go along with it? The plan is to send our best teachers to the neighboring not so great district and send their not so great teachers to us....so it all evens out...this is what your tax dollar is going to pay for....one size fits all, all the same...but we will still pay the high taxes...we just won't have the great school to show for it anymore because a lot of people thought it best to go along and be quiet....really it is just a test, what's the big deal? Even if it is not effecting your kid today, it is hurting many others in this school district, around the state and country. All eyes are on NY. If we fall, the rest follow. The only way to stop the dismantling of public education and stop this invasion of charter schools and the private sector marketing from profiting from our children and devaluing our teachers is to stop giving their machine what it feeds on. Data. It feeds on data. Refuse the tests. Stand up for your kid. If not for yours, stand up for mine. This is hurting MY kid and these reforms are a roadblock to the future of his and many other kids who learn differently or at a different pace. Stand up for your child's teachers. These standards, this curriculum, these reforms are sucking the joy out of teaching and does not allow teachers to use their own skills and experience to teach creatively and to the individual needs of the students. Teach to the test and one size fits all is not teaching and engaging our kids to be life long learners and valuable participants in society. Out best educators are leaving the profession because the job no longer allows them to make the difference they hoped to make. Stand up for your school. The goal of dismantling public schools through high stake testing is to fire teachers and close schools. How will you participate? What role will you play? Will you stand on the side lines? Or will you fight? 

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