My Goal & Agenda

by JAC and Ben's Mom 14. October 2015 06:47

I speak as a parent. My only goal and agenda over the next 6 years as my children finish school is to raise children that don’t have to recover from their childhood. I will continue to support my children's teachers as individuals and I believe in the quality teaching that goes on in our schools. I will continue to support anything that is good for our children, wither it be curriculum or programs as long as it puts kid’s first and supports authentic teaching to the whole child as an individual, not one size fits all.  I will speak out against anything that discriminates against the special needs of individuals and my children's teachers’ ability to teach creatively and assess my children using their own skills and experience. I will not support anything, person or program that undermines my authority as a parent. I also will not endorse or support any person or behavior, or group that stands in the way of children getting what they need or what is good for them and teachers and staff having what they need do their jobs. I will support, regardless of my personal feelings toward anyone, Administration, Board of Ed, Teachers Union who demonstrates a will to put everything aside and put the work of educating the children of this community first. We don’t have to agree on everything, we don’t even have to like each other, but we have one common ground that we must and should agree to meet under. Our Kids. We should be putting everything else aside to work for the kids. We all need to get our priorities straight, be better examples for the children who are watching and put our time and energy directed toward fighting against this high stake testing, bad curriculum, APPR plan and the privatization of our community schools. Time and money is being wasted. It is time to work for the kids. 

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