Don't be Fooled. Nothing has Changed. Refuse.

by JAC and Ben's Mom 17. March 2016 03:43

This is the flyer Commissioner Elia and NYSED put together in an effort to coerce parents into participating or for those that refused in the past, “opt back in”.

Much of the information provided is true: but plenty of information has been conveniently omitted from this flyer as the Commissioner continues to try to deceive the public into thinking that these “changes” will benefit children. 

Some parents will unwittingly assume that NYSED makes the choices in the best interest of our children. Don’t be fooled. It is all about the $$$. Even local school districts have the choice of putting the test agenda first or what is best for the children.  The assessments are part of a bigger picture that will narrow the curriculum and fail to provide our children with the academic foundation that they should have while collecting and sharing student data in the name of rating and ranking our kids, our teachers and our school for a false sense of failure where there is none.

New York State Ed has failed to provide the changes that parents and educators are looking for.

Testing still dominates our children’s educational experience. And not the kind of testing designed by your child’s teacher that can measure your child’s strengths and weaknesses and be used immediately to adjust and differentiate your child’s instruction in the classroom. We all believe in and want high standards for kids. The Common Core Learning Standards are not those. We all believe in and want our children to be appropriately assessed. These tests are not those, either.

The data collected from student assessments is “currency” used by tech, testing, educational material companies. The work your child is doing by participating in the State Assessments and the test prep that has to go with it is what is padding the pockets of millionaires. Your child’s teacher gets little to no useful information from these assessments.

Don’t be fooled. Nothing has changed. Opting out of the tests is still our best action for true change. It’s time we took the “me”, “my” and mine out of the equation and started to stand together to protect public school and ALL of the children. Dr. Seuss wrote the story of Horton the Elephant hearing a tiny voice on a dandelion. No one could hear the tiny voice until more, and more voices joined in. “We’re HERE”. Together we can take back our schools.

Bottom line. Anyone who is not opting OUT of this flawed system is opting IN to the privatization of our public schools, the demeaning of educators and the shrinking of our children’s educational experience to a screen based, test centered education devoid of the spontaneous learning that comes from experienced, dedicated teachers in small class rooms.

Don’t “opt in” to a flawed system that is harming children, demeaning teachers and wasting precious class room learning time, wasting district money and profiting corporations.


Refuse the tests.


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